Ideas on How to Stop Wrinkles

Girl with no wrinkles
Facial wrinkles are very noticeable signs of aging. A person who has many facial wrinkles can look older than they really are. However, if you can avoid having wrinkles, your face will look as young as possible and you can even look younger than your age. Here are some facts about wrinkles and how to stop wrinkles or prevent them effectively.

Common Causes of Facial Wrinkles

There are actually several factors that can cause the appearance of wrinkles on the skin such as on the body or on the face. One of the common causes is the exposure to the wind and sun which can dry the skin. When the skin dries, it will less likely be able to bounce back from creasing.

When it comes to our face, wrinkles may appear when we crinkle our facial such as when we smile or do facial expressions. In most cases, wrinkles usually appear on the forehead and on the sides of the eyes because these are the muscles of the faces which are being tensed constantly. Other factors that may cause the appearance of wrinkles are dehydration, poor diet, pollution and smoking.

How To Stop Wrinkles Before They Start

There are actually many things that you can do in preventing wrinkles or stopping them to get worse however, you must also keep in mind that it is impossible to avoid them completely.

– You should take care not to be exposed to the sun for a long period of time. You can put on a high protection sun cream, wear a hat that has a wide brim or just stay indoors. Those people who are usually under the heat of the sun mostly have facial wrinkles.

– You should be well hydrated through drinking plenty of water so that your skin will not dry out. Also, drinking plenty of water will keep your body healthy.

– You can use an anti wrinkle moisturizer to help keep your skin from drying.

– When it comes to diet, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and avoid having too much sugar or alcohol. If you’re stuck for ideas, see our article on tasty low carb desserts.

– You should give time for yourself to relax such as doing yoga, meditating or just by simply resting or sleeping. This will help relax your facial muscles thus, decreasing the chances for wrinkles to appear.

Treating Wrinkles

One of the best ways when it comes to reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles is using an anti wrinkle cream which is suitable and effective for your skin type. You should also check out the label of the product and look at ingredients such as Retinol because this has been proven to be effective ingredient in eliminating wrinkles.

You can also buy eye creams to treat the wrinkles around the eyes. For your neck area, you can find firming neck creams which can smooth away those wrinkles around your neck. You don’t have to buy expensive brands but you just have to choose the right one for you.